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Recurring Theme: Honest Work

In “Digging”, Andre Dubus writes about his distanced relationship with his father and living inside his own head versus what he truly experienced. All his life, Andre Dubus has been pushed around by people. As a schoolboy, bullies pushed Andre … Continue reading

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Self-Indulgence or Mindful Pleasure?

This week we have been discussing the idea of place and what constitutes home. On Tuesday our in-class exercise was to write about our homes and how to get there, which we shared with the class. It was interesting because … Continue reading

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The Idea of Place

This week, our readings focused on the idea of “place.” ¬†Oftentimes, when places are described in personal essays, they (the places) become a character themselves. ¬†In a sense, places, or the description of a place, become an extension of the … Continue reading

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People, Places and Things

Beginning with the exercise in class on Tuesday I started to consider the different ways in which people register places. The way I described my home was all the bold images I see along the way. The connections I’ve made … Continue reading

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