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The Intricacies of Memory

This week’s readings put a focus on writing style, each showing a unique voice and mapping out the process of remembering. By using repetition and imagery, Codrescu, Brainard and Danticat were able to portray the imperfect way that we remember … Continue reading

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Memory and Truth

Although reading Montaigne’s Of Liars can be a bit confusing and time consuming, I found that he brought up some interesting ideas about the relationship between your memory and lying. He starts out describing memory and how he does not … Continue reading

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Personal feelings regarding imagination/fiction in personal writing

For this week’s blog post, I would like to consider the varying positions put forth in the different pieces that we were assigned, focusing primarily on “Nester’s “Notes on Frey”. First, to discuss the complementary opinions of Bacon and Montaigne, … Continue reading

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In the Michel De Montaigne reading, one small paragraph stood out to me the most. Montaigne writes: “If falsehood, like truth, had only one face, we would be in better shape. For we would take as certain the opposite of … Continue reading

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This week’s readings were interesting, informative, and very confusing. Most of the readings, if not all of the readings, were about lying and the reading really tried to go in depth with what lying really is and what it’s about. … Continue reading

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