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I really enjoyed the readings for this week; I found their overall message to be very heartfelt and genuine. I believe that any recollection of a memory must have some extent of sincerity and compassion – or else it would … Continue reading

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Memory and Truth

Although reading Montaigne’s Of Liars can be a bit confusing and time consuming, I found that he brought up some interesting ideas about the relationship between your memory and lying. He starts out describing memory and how he does not … Continue reading

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Adhara Haque-Truth, Memories and Lies

I found this week’s reading very interesting. They all revolved around the topics of lying, truth and memory, which are all important qualities in writing the personal essay. I think reading their perspectives of those topics opened my eyes as … Continue reading

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I found the readings for this week to be very captivating and at times, very surprising. I was stunned to find such sharp opposing views on lying – however, in terms of writing a memoir, I tend to agree more … Continue reading

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Why I Write (my freewrite from yesterday’s class)

I write because I like to make people laugh. I write to understand what I think and feel. I write because I think I’m clever. I write to pay the mortgage. I write to avoid work. I write to be … Continue reading

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