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Truth and Lies

Lies can be interpreted several ways; whether it be lying for the sake of another,  lying for selfish reasons, or implicit lies stemming from lack of memory. Each author in this week’s readings delves into the heart of lying, each … Continue reading

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Memory and Truth

Although reading Montaigne’s Of Liars can be a bit confusing and time consuming, I found that he brought up some interesting ideas about the relationship between your memory and lying. He starts out describing memory and how he does not … Continue reading

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Blurred lines of fact versus fiction

I have to say after reading these some of these memoirs and personal essays I felt a lot better about approaching and continuing as well as making insights  with my own essay on lies. Beginning with Hampl’s Memory and Imagination I … Continue reading

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I found the readings for this week to be very captivating and at times, very surprising. I was stunned to find such sharp opposing views on lying – however, in terms of writing a memoir, I tend to agree more … Continue reading

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How Imagination and Memory Blur the Line between “Truth” and “Lie”

Michel de Montaigne and Francis Bacon both scorn lying. In “Of Truth,” Bacon declares that lies add a sweetness, a loathsome pleasure to life. He uses imagination, opinions, vanity, “flattering hopes [and] false valuations” as examples of common lies people … Continue reading

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Personal feelings regarding imagination/fiction in personal writing

For this week’s blog post, I would like to consider the varying positions put forth in the different pieces that we were assigned, focusing primarily on “Nester’s “Notes on Frey”. First, to discuss the complementary opinions of Bacon and Montaigne, … Continue reading

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