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The Struggles of Choosing a Topic

My first draft was about my cat and her injury of jumping on the wood stove. This was a good story, but it did not really tell the reader anything about myself except for the fact that I love cats. … Continue reading

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Story Board

After making the story board for my Visual project I think I’m in the crossroads of bringing my vision alive. My narration, though still needing revision, is one I can hear in my voice and visualize with the pictures. After … Continue reading

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How Family Shapes Us

I really enjoyed reading Andre Dubus’ essay “Digging” this week. The transformation that he describes as a result of having been convinced by his father to take on a difficult job is so complete and inspirational. While Dubus recalls feeling … Continue reading

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The Value of Work

Out of the readings we had this week, Digging by Andre Dubus resonated with me the most. While reading this essay, I couldn’t help but think of my father. I had a similar relationship to my dad as Dubus did … Continue reading

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High expectations, Father-son relationship

I kind of enjoyed this week’s readings. There is one reading that I think my brother can relate to. I perceived the character wanting to try really hard to make his father proud. His father expects him to be a … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed Andre Dubus’ essay Digging. I felt like it mirrored my relationship with my dad almost to a tee. My dad is an extremely proud person and he definitely prides himself on building his business from nothing and strongly … Continue reading

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This I Believe

In writing a personal essay as in a “this I believe” essay, you have to be credential and have a good topic. Gornick says the writer “undergoes an apprenticeship as soul-searching…the twin struggle to know not only why one is … Continue reading

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