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Response to Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

In his article, Zinsser points out several factors that he believes are contributing to an over-stressed and under-optimistic generation of undergraduate college students. He identifies 4 common college pressures: economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure. While reading, … Continue reading

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Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

Zinsser’s piece, “College Pressures”, depicts the plight of the college student in today’s economically driven society. There are several key social issues Zinsser notes. One is the is the struggle to be better than our classmates. This is seen as … Continue reading

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Twain and Zinsser.

I found that the advice Mark Twain gave to students in his piece “Advice to Youth” was common sense, but something about it came off as condescending to me. It really felt like he was just another adult lecturing me … Continue reading

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Response to Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

This week, I will be responding to the reading by Zinsser, “College Pressures”. Interestingly, I had already read this piece when I was a TA for a Freshman 101 class. For that class, the emphasis that he places on the … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

woops posted this on the wrong blog! Reading Zinsser’s essay “College Pressures” was really eye opening. It made me realize how competitive, future obsessed and ultimately, pathetic, our youth has become. We strive for perfection in order to get what … Continue reading

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Pressure faced by college students

Any college student can relate to all the pressures stated by William Zinsser in “College Pressures”. It is true that college students want a fixed map to reach their career goal. However, there will be ups and downs like financial … Continue reading

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Deep learning

Your posts on Zinsser and your own experiences as college students have got me thinking about our varied paths of learning and literacy. How did you get here? What did you learn along the way? How and what will you … Continue reading

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