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Emerson and Thoreau/Vivian Gornick

In the Emerson and Thoreau essay, the authors list and explain things that they believe in. The beliefs alternate between short and brief to long explanations of the belief. The writing is iconoclastic in nature, as many of the beliefs … Continue reading

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This I believe

This week I read few essays from a website- There were many short essays but I selected only few essays to read. Those essays were interesting and inspiring, I could relate to some of the stories, and some of … Continue reading

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Beliefs and Integrity (Emerson/Thoreau/Gornick/ThisIBelieve)

This week’s readings were concerned with expressing morals, and values. As Gornick explains in “The Situation and the Story,” it is often very difficult for a memoir to unabashedly express a person’s beliefs. The most interesting reading for me was … Continue reading

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This I Believe

My favorite essay was by Kara Gebhart Uhl, titled “A Lesson I Hold Dear”. It is about her high school romance with a boy who loved her, named Joe. Joe had professed his love to Kara, however she did not … Continue reading

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This I Believe.

This week, we were assigned to read essays on There were so many to choose from but only a few of the essays had resonated with me. The first essay I chose is called A Shared Moment of Trust by … Continue reading

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This I Believe

Human interaction has always been an interesting phenomenon in its unexpected results and complications. It is this theme that Katherine Debiec focuses on in her piece, “Finding My Father in a Small World.” She recounts one phrase that her late … Continue reading

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I found the Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau readings to be both difficult and rewarding. Each of the excerpts from their journals, though short, are not at first easy to comprehend, and most took me several times to … Continue reading

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