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Response to Brainard, Codrescu, and Wolff

Brainard, Codrescu, and Wolff all evoke strong emotions in their personal essays. Joe Brainard uses syntax in order to create a flow of prose similar to stream of consciousness, however a more structured version. The structure of Brainard’s piece is … Continue reading

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Remembering.. This week I read articles about memories and nostalgia. The authors expressed their memories in their writings differently. As I was reading their stories, it gave a jog to several of my memories too. While reading, Andrei Codrescu’s – … Continue reading

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

I always feel a sense of nostalgia whenever I think about the “old” days, when my family actually got together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas or when my cousins and I use to attend the local fair that occurs at … Continue reading

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This I Believe Essay Response: “Respect The Little Guy”

From the This I Believe website, I found an essay called “Respect The Little Guy” written by Arin from Colorado. (LINK: The author expresses his frustration at the lack of respect for people with “dead end” jobs. Arin is a … Continue reading

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I realized this week that there are so many little details that make a memory. Still, there are so many details that we simply forget. For example, when you hug your mom, and for some reason it smells like home. Or … Continue reading

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What We Remember

In Joe Brainard’s I Remember, he talks about his childhood through a series of well-spaced sentences. Each line begins with “I remember…” While my first impression was that of annoyance (I had thought it read like a ‘grocery list’), my classmates … Continue reading

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It’s ironic that this week’s topic of discussion is “remembering”. Especially on this day, when the word remember seems to come up all over the news, social media, and in conversation, with just cause. Tobias Wolff’s essay on remembering really … Continue reading

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