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This week readings were a bit difficult for me to understand. However, I got many interesting points from it. Michel Montaigne was talking about how important memories and stories that are truthful are. When you are telling a story that … Continue reading

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Memories. Lies. Truth.

This week in class, we focused on lies, lying, and memories. The Montaigne, Bacon, and Hampl readings were focused on these things. Montaigne was very critical of liars and the act of lying. In his work, he says “If we … Continue reading

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This week I read about memory, truth and lying by different authors. It was interesting to read different views by different people regarding these topics. I found Daniel Nester’s “Notes on Frey” fascinating as he talks about the infamous lying … Continue reading

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The Inventive Mind: Memories and Lies

The human mind has always amazed me in its psychological complexity. It is able to the discern emotions; receive, process, and send information to the rest of the body; and most interestingly among the mind’s various abilities, store memories. Yet, … Continue reading

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Truth and Lies

Lies can be interpreted several ways; whether it be lying for the sake of another,  lying for selfish reasons, or implicit lies stemming from lack of memory. Each author in this week’s readings delves into the heart of lying, each … Continue reading

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Memory and Truth

Although reading Montaigne’s Of Liars can be a bit confusing and time consuming, I found that he brought up some interesting ideas about the relationship between your memory and lying. He starts out describing memory and how he does not … Continue reading

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Adhara Haque-Truth, Memories and Lies

I found this week’s reading very interesting. They all revolved around the topics of lying, truth and memory, which are all important qualities in writing the personal essay. I think reading their perspectives of those topics opened my eyes as … Continue reading

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