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An overall reflection on my digital story.

I will admit–I absolutely hated how my video came out. My voice, the changing volumes, and that awful music I chose for the background. I felt very out-of-place and didn’t really know how to use iMovie. I wanted to do … Continue reading

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My Digital Story

It took forever for me to decide based on what I should do my digital story.  First, I thought I should do it on how animals make me feel by giving examples of my dog- Tyson and my friend’s cat- … Continue reading

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The Digital Story: The Quest to Find A Voice

The digital story — for me — is perhaps the most challenging assignment that I have thus come across this entire semester, and it’s definitely taken its toll. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m complaining here, but it was … Continue reading

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The Struggles of Choosing a Topic

My first draft was about my cat and her injury of jumping on the wood stove. This was a good story, but it did not really tell the reader anything about myself except for the fact that I love cats. … Continue reading

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Digital Story Difficulties

I have definitely not been having an easy time with my digital story in this class. Originally, I was going to have it be about my life back at home and adjusting to life here at school. However, I really … Continue reading

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Challenges with the Digital Story

So far I loved reading through people’s digital story scripts and looking at the images/songs they chose. Everyone has done such a great job with thinking about how they will sequence their photos, the transitions, and the emotional appeal they … Continue reading

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Digital Story Struggles

I am glad we are discussing the struggles we are having with our digital story because I am having a lot of them. At first, I really wanted to talk about my church and I still do. However, as I … Continue reading

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