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Response to Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

In his article, Zinsser points out several factors that he believes are contributing to an over-stressed and under-optimistic generation of undergraduate college students. He identifies 4 common college pressures: economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure. While reading, … Continue reading

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Digital Story Progress

I never thought I’d had the problem of running out of things to write, but it’s happening. For this digital story script, I have really just taken 3 of my essays, turned them into extended paragraphs, and stuck and into … Continue reading

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“Big Mac” Medicine The above link is to an essay that I consider to be effective, entertaining, and engaging. After reading about 15 med school personal statements, I got a terrifying glimpse of what it means to be on an admissions board. … Continue reading

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MD/ DO Schools

The prompts for the schools I am interested in seem to have not listed what they expect in an essay. Maybe they are on the actual application (which I cannot see without registering for an account). Stony Brook Med The … Continue reading

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Fathers and Sons.

The reading for this week revolved around the relationship between a father and son. Dubus describes his summer job, a job that he did not want, but kept anyway because he was afraid of disappointing his father. He describes the … Continue reading

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About Place.

I think today’s in-class exercise deserve some reflection in addition to the 2 pieces about “place” we’ve read for this place. Today’s writing prompt, to give directions to your home, was much more difficult that it seemed. First off, we … Continue reading

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Beliefs and Integrity (Emerson/Thoreau/Gornick/ThisIBelieve)

This week’s readings were concerned with expressing morals, and values. As Gornick explains in “The Situation and the Story,” it is often very difficult for a memoir to unabashedly express a person’s beliefs. The most interesting reading for me was … Continue reading

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Truth in Lying

The readings for this week were concerned with the intersection between memory, imagination, and lying. Bacon and Montaigne, while admitting its alluring nature, condemn the lie. Hampl and Nester, however, view the lie as an intermediate step that can at … Continue reading

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