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Digital Story, So far…

At first I found coming up with an idea for the digital story to be very difficult. I didn’t want to write about anything tragic or sad like I have in some of my other essays for the course. So … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed the readings for this week. I liked how they took a very different perspective on how one defines intelligence. As college students we are lead to believe that how we perform academically is the ultimate determination when … Continue reading

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“Beast” Personal Statement

The two personal statements I attached to this post are certainly powerful and exist as examples of how I want my personal statement to sound. Also, the commentary shows you how an admission committee interprets your personal statement – giving … Continue reading

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Personal Statement

After undergraduate school, I plan to attend dental school. My top dental school choices are Stony Brook University School Of Dental Medicine, University of Buffalo School Of Dental Medicine, Boston University Dental School and NYU college of dentistry. According to … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

woops posted this on the wrong blog! Reading Zinsser’s essay “College Pressures” was really eye opening. It made me realize how competitive, future obsessed and ultimately, pathetic, our youth has become. We strive for perfection in order to get what … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

 Andre Dubus’ essay dealt with a lot of childhood emotions in which we can all relate to. I believe a lot of people are uncomfortable, to some extent, in being “themselves” and expressing how they really feel towards a relative, … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed the exercise we did today in class. It was interesting hearing what stood out to classmates the most about where they live. It’s fascinating how memories can shape the way we see a situation and how they … Continue reading

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Discovering Oneself

The readings assigned this week were very emotional and heart-felt. For each essay, you can sense the sorrow, anguish, pain and hope as the author takes the reader through mere glimpses of their lives. As discussed today in class, the … Continue reading

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This I Believe Essay

“A Father’s Lectures” by Seth Chalmer is a very moving piece. In this short essay, Chalmer explains the most important lesson his father could have ever taught him. This childhood experience has instilled in him the morals and compassion he … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed the readings for this week; I found their overall message to be very heartfelt and genuine. I believe that any recollection of a memory must have some extent of sincerity and compassion – or else it would … Continue reading

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