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Response to Brainard, Codrescu, and Wolff

Brainard, Codrescu, and Wolff all evoke strong emotions in their personal essays. Joe Brainard uses syntax in order to create a flow of prose similar to stream of consciousness, however a more structured version. The structure of Brainard’s piece is … Continue reading

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Response to Mairs’ “On Being a Cripple”

Nancy Mairs uses vivid imagery in order to paint a stark portrait of the challenges faced with being disabled. Mairs describes her condition as “crippled”, parts of her body incapacitated due to degeneration from multiple sclerosis. A disease that affects … Continue reading

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Response to Gerard and Norris

Philip Gerard’s “What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes” details the intimate struggles that victims of hurricanes must combat as a result of natural disaster. Gerard’s tone is caustic, tinged with a mocking disdain for the objectivity of how the … Continue reading

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Response to Andre Dubus’ “Digging”

Andre Dubus portrays the importance of familial values in his essay, “Digging”. The essay delves into the intricacies of a father-son relationship. The essay beings with the author, a 16 year old boy living in Louisiana, who is described as … Continue reading

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Response to Miah Arnold’s “You Owe Me”

Miah Arnold’s piece “You Owe Me” demonstrates the profound impact a child with terminal illness has on those around them. In Arnold’s piece, she details her experiences with teaching English/Poetry at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Arnold’s … Continue reading

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Personal Statement Example In business school, personal essays are more often comprised of a series of several essays in which the applicant responds to questions posed by the graduate program. In this particular essay, the author wants to pursue the IT division … Continue reading

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Digital Story Thus Far

Writing my digital story has been an uplifting and meaningful experience for me. It has allowed me to explore myself, my family, and my values in a tangible way. This is not something I am used to, and not a … Continue reading

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Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

Zinsser’s piece, “College Pressures”, depicts the plight of the college student in today’s economically driven society. There are several key social issues Zinsser notes. One is the is the struggle to be better than our classmates. This is seen as … Continue reading

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Optometry School

The prospect of graduate school seems frighteningly close. Being only a sophomore, I am now honorarily scared out of my wits after taking WRT 303 and being forced to think critically about the admissions process (thanks Professor Lucenko!) However, I … Continue reading

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This I Believe

My favorite essay was by Kara Gebhart Uhl, titled “A Lesson I Hold Dear”. It is about her high school romance with a boy who loved her, named Joe. Joe had professed his love to Kara, however she did not … Continue reading

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