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An overall reflection on my digital story.

I will admit–I absolutely hated how my video came out. My voice, the changing volumes, and that awful music I chose for the background. I felt very out-of-place and didn’t really know how to use iMovie. I wanted to do … Continue reading

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You owe me.

In her piece, “You Owe Me,” Miah Arnold tells the audience what it’s like working as a teacher at a children’s cancer center. She talks about the children–some stayed for years while others only stayed for a few months, many … Continue reading

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Personal Statements I thought this personal statement was really well done, the author began with a great introduction and for some reason that stood out a lot more than the 10-15 other statements I’ve read. The beginning read like a book, … Continue reading

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The Personal Statement.

This week, we wrote personal statements. I thought it was very interesting, but I noticed that a lot of statements had this one annoying thing about them–people would basically re-list their accomplishments. I found this to be a useless waste … Continue reading

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Twain and Zinsser.

I found that the advice Mark Twain gave to students in his piece “Advice to Youth” was common sense, but something about it came off as condescending to me. It really felt like he was just another adult lecturing me … Continue reading

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On being a “man.” (Digging.)

“Digging” by Andre Dubus was about a teenage boy who was put to work by his father. They have a strange relationship–they don’t talk much but Andre yearns to be respected and admired by his father. He was “shy” with … Continue reading

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Phillip Gerard’s piece, “What They Didn’t Tell You About Hurricanes” really puts into perspective how differently the people who live in a place, see that place. There are so many little things that we don’t think about on a daily … Continue reading

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Mirrors & Cripples

I know I’m a little late to this, but here goes. I found that I related more to Lucy Grealy’s piece “Mirrorings,” on more a personal level. I’ll admit I felt bad because she clearly had more of a reason … Continue reading

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This I Believe.

This week, we were assigned to read essays on There were so many to choose from but only a few of the essays had resonated with me. The first essay I chose is called A Shared Moment of Trust by … Continue reading

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I realized this week that there are so many little details that make a memory. Still, there are so many details that we simply forget. For example, when you hug your mom, and for some reason it smells like home. Or … Continue reading

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