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Challenges with the Digital Story

So far I loved reading through people’s digital story scripts and looking at the images/songs they chose. Everyone has done such a great job with thinking about how they will sequence their photos, the transitions, and the emotional appeal they … Continue reading

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Response to Blue-Collar Brilliance

Both of this week’s readings  by Miah Arnold and Mike Rose were very touching and interesting. In “Blue-collar Brilliance” Mike Rose makes strong arguments against the societal notion that blue-collar workers are unintelligent and have low social ranking. Rose talks … Continue reading

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Personal Statement Example I enjoyed reading the second personal statement here (Essay#2). This person was accepted into the 2006 class of University of New Mexico’s dental school. I love how they started the essay with an engaging anecdote, a personal experience that … Continue reading

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Personal Statement Guidelines

1. Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine: –>Take time to think about who you are and what experiences have shaped your life.  Admissions committees view an open-ended essay as an opportunity to get to know the applicant over and above … Continue reading

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College Pressure: The Oh-So-Real Struggle

William Zinsser in “College Pressures” talks about his time as Master of a residential college in Yale University. He talks about the present-day undergraduate students, “a generation that is panicky to succeed” (p. 381) and scrambling to do whatever it … Continue reading

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Recurring Theme: Honest Work

In “Digging”, Andre Dubus writes about his distanced relationship with his father and living inside his own head versus what he truly experienced. All his life, Andre Dubus has been pushed around by people. As a schoolboy, bullies pushed Andre … Continue reading

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Self-Indulgence or Mindful Pleasure?

This week we have been discussing the idea of place and what constitutes home. On Tuesday our in-class exercise was to write about our homes and how to get there, which we shared with the class. It was interesting because … Continue reading

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