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Digital Story Struggles

I am glad we are discussing the struggles we are having with our digital story because I am having a lot of them. At first, I really wanted to talk about my church and I still do. However, as I … Continue reading

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You Owe Me

“You Owe Me” was my favorite story from this semester. This was so heartfelt and touching, I was tearing throughout almost all of it. It’s really crazy to me how people strong people can be while living to their death. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Personal Statement

I found two personal statements while searching online that I thought were great examples of a great personal statement. The first one is on this link : This one was great because I was skimming through the internet, a lot … Continue reading

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Future Plans

I hope to eventually go to Dental School. Here are the schools I am looking most into and the personal statements they are requiring: 1.NYU Dental School Enclose a personal statement outlining your interest in the profession of dentistry and … Continue reading

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Anxiety From School

As I was reading Zinsser’s “College Pressures,” I began to feel the anxiety from the description of all the things going on for him while balancing school work. There are so many times in school where the amount of work … Continue reading

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I enjoyed the reading Digging by Andre Dubus from last week. I found the description of him and his fathers relationship to be enjoyable to read about, mostly because I felt like it was a very different relationship than the … Continue reading

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What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes

While reading What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes by Phillip Gerard, I was conflicted on how I felt about it. On one hand, I enjoyed the detail and style of writing. I felt like it was very descriptive and … Continue reading

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I loved the reading “Mirroring by Lucy Grealy. I found it very enjoyable to read and a very touching story. I also found that although most of us have never gone through an experience so unbearable, it still was very … Continue reading

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This I Believe…

I really enjoyed reading a bunch of the This I Believe essays. One that stuck out to me was In Giving, I Believe by James Wichita. He is discussing how he went to an underprivileged country called Guyana. He was … Continue reading

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This weeks readings really caught my attention. I really liked the topic that we talked about. I thought all the writers from this week showed a different writing styles that were interesting to a reader because they were different. The … Continue reading

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