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Digital Story Difficulties

I have definitely not been having an easy time with my digital story in this class. Originally, I was going to have it be about my life back at home and adjusting to life here at school. However, I really … Continue reading

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Reflections on Arnold’s “You Owe Me”

In order to write about this essay, Miah Arnold’s “You Owe Me”, I found myself going back to read it multiple times last week and this weekend. I found the story heart-wrenching, but also difficult to come to any conclusions … Continue reading

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For this week’s blog post, I have been struggling to choose between three personal statements that I thought perfectly embodied the qualities of being both attention-grabbing and complementing to the applicant’s background. The first one, by Mohammad O. Kahn (, … Continue reading

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Clinical Psychology PhD program Personal Statements

While I do have a good idea about which programs I would like to apply to and which faculty I would like to work with, I have recently made the decision to dedicate 1-2 years to being a research assistant … Continue reading

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Response to Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

This week, I will be responding to the reading by Zinsser, “College Pressures”. Interestingly, I had already read this piece when I was a TA for a Freshman 101 class. For that class, the emphasis that he places on the … Continue reading

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How Family Shapes Us

I really enjoyed reading Andre Dubus’ essay “Digging” this week. The transformation that he describes as a result of having been convinced by his father to take on a difficult job is so complete and inspirational. While Dubus recalls feeling … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Compassion and Selfishness

When reading Philip Gerard’s “What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes” this week, I felt very torn between wanting to respect the writer and being repulsed by what sounded to me to be a pompous tone and lack of compassion. … Continue reading

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