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Digital Story

As of right now I think I’m in good standing for the digital story. A week ago I was pretty nervous about it, especially with finals and other projects coming up. Now that I got started and I have a … Continue reading

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MBA Personal Statements

I’m currently a business major with a focus in finance. At the end of this semester, I plan to change my focus to management and operations. I plan on going to graduate school to get an MBA at some point. … Continue reading

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College Pressures

Of the four pressures discussed in Zinsser’s essay, I think the one pressure that I am most affected by is self-induced. Self-induced pressure is a by-product and the ultimate consequence of the other pressures Zinsser mentions (peer, parental, economic). I … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed Andre Dubus’ essay┬áDigging. I felt like it mirrored my relationship with my dad almost to a tee. My dad is an extremely proud person and he definitely prides himself on building his business from nothing and strongly … Continue reading

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What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes

I found Gerard’s essay on hurricanes especially interesting, having grown up in the North where the occurrence of hurricanes is not very common. Gerard helped the reader get a better sense of all the struggles and devastation associated with a … Continue reading

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Mairs and Grealy

Both Lucy Grealy’s and Nancy Mairs’ essays on self image and self realization were very powerful. I think we often overlook just how critical our self image is to our every day lives. I read Grealy’s essay in the South … Continue reading

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I found the Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau readings to be both difficult and rewarding. Each of the excerpts from their journals, though short, are not at first easy to comprehend, and most took me several times to … Continue reading

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