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The Digital Story: The Quest to Find A Voice

The digital story — for me — is perhaps the most challenging assignment that I have thus come across this entire semester, and it’s definitely taken its toll. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m complaining here, but it was … Continue reading

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Looking Forward: Medical School

Entering Stony Brook during my freshman year, I knew I was going to plan on applying to medical school soon. I’m in my third year here at Stony Brook, yet I still feel like I’m in the same place I … Continue reading

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The Wrath of Mother Nature

Phillip Gerard recounts his experience as a victim of a ravaging hurricane in “What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes”. Written in a style that combines objective story-telling with that of subtle emotional expression, his piece actively conveys a progression … Continue reading

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On Being Different

There’s something about being different that both scares and fascinates me. On one hand, I try to be different, to be my own individual with my own combination of idiosyncrasies that no one else possesses. Yet, I’m scared of being … Continue reading

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This I Believe

Human interaction has always been an interesting phenomenon in its unexpected results and complications. It is this theme that Katherine Debiec focuses on in her piece, “Finding My Father in a Small World.” She recounts one phrase that her late … Continue reading

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

I always feel a sense of nostalgia whenever I think about the “old” days, when my family actually got together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas or when my cousins and I use to attend the local fair that occurs at … Continue reading

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The Inventive Mind: Memories and Lies

The human mind has always amazed me in its psychological complexity. It is able to the discern emotions; receive, process, and send information to the rest of the body; and most interestingly among the mind’s various abilities, store memories. Yet, … Continue reading

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Relief in Contradictions

Philip Lopate’s introduction to The Art of the Personal Essay presents sort of a handbook or guide to writing the personal essay that offers a helpful insight for an novice such as I, as well as a sigh of relieve for what I’ve … Continue reading

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