An overall reflection on my digital story.

I will admit–I absolutely hated how my video came out. My voice, the changing volumes, and that awful music I chose for the background. I felt very out-of-place and didn’t really know how to use iMovie. I wanted to do so much more, add in little clips and slow motion romantic moments from Bollywood movies, but I couldn’t do it. It was too annoying and so my video ended up being a slideshow with my voice in the background.

For the most part, I really do enjoy my script. My only issue with it is the fact that there’s just SO much to explain about arranged marriage, it was getting to be kind of long-winded. I had to do a lot of cutting to get it under 7 minutes. I skipped explaining the wedding ceremonies during my video simply because it wasn’t relevant enough to keep in the story, I didn’t want to lose my classmates’ attention.

Even though a lot of the criticism I received on my project was constructive and helpful, I was a little hurt that some people gave me 3’s without explaining why. I saw a couple of 3’s on the Audio/Video/Sound section but mostly they were in my oral presentation. I really wanted to know what I did wrong but I couldn’t find much. Maybe I didn’t put in a thorough enough explanation of my project? I was very nervous, I don’t remember a single thing I said. It would help so much if I was told what I did wrong. I tried to include a lot of feedback, criticism, and praises in my evaluations, so I kind of expected the same treatment. It was also a little annoying that some people gave all 5’s and had no comments, I felt like they didn’t even pay attention to my piece. It’s understandable though–the class takes place early and they had already seen a bunch of stories before mine. Overall this was an interesting project.

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