Digital Story

My digital story is just about done as of right now. I’m going to take it home and show my parents to get their views on it. I feel like my voice sounds weird and I get embarrassed when other people listen to it.
I’m not a fan of windows movie maker. I wish I had a mac so I could use iMovie because you can layer sounds. In movie maker, I had to get it just right with my voice to create that video and then upload it into a new window to add music. For music, I used a lot of instrumental popular songs. I felt like the singing would distract people from what I was saying so thats why I used instrumental or karaoke versions. I hope that if I make a youtube video, it won’t get removed since I downloaded the songs off of youtube. I just used the youtube to mp3 thing to convert the videos to an audio file which is probably violating a lot of rules. I really like my ending music with the credits. I think it goes perfectly. I was also able to get a video of me swimming breaststroke which makes it more interesting. I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects!

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1 Response to Digital Story

  1. adharahaque says:

    Yes I agree it was quite hard. I realized how bad I was at using technology. Once you start you get the hang of it!

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