You owe me

Miah Arnold talks about her experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center, in her story “You owe me”. She taught poetry and prose in the institution for ten years where she met students with different diseases and only few students she worked with lived. She shared stories about her students and her relationship with them. She was closer to few students, as she knew them for a longer period like Khalil and Amirah. She talks about how each one of them were different from each other yet so special in their own way.

It is hard to see children suffer as they are still young and they haven’t experienced real life yet.  Arnold had several breakdowns and wanted to quit the job, however she did not. This shows the love she had for the children. “When Khalil died I thought, on one level, I can’t go back. But in the world of the living the reality is that I can’t leave just yet. I can’t leave Darrian. Or Amirah” (Arnold 35). This shows that she was really caring and loved the children dearly. This sentence also expresses her attachment with the children. Another reason why she didn’t want to quit was as she knew that the writing class was a distraction from all the pain and suffering for the children as they wrote fun-adventurous stories and enjoyed their class and other people in the hospital noticed this too. “I just stood outside the door and listened to Umberto laughing, because he doesn’t laugh in the hospital room anymore, and I thought I’d never hear him laughing again” (Arnold 33).

While reading this story, it was hard to hold back the tears. What Arnold did, is a hard job to do. It is difficult to watch the people you love die every day. Reading this story made me appreciate everything around and love everyone. I realized the importance of life and not to take it for granted as no one can predict the future.

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