For free writing last Tuesday (when we were asked to write about a photograph that we like), I wrote about a photograph my boyfriend took of me just a few weeks ago. It was a photograph of me eating breakfast on a normal Saturday morning in a neighborhood in Queens.

I like this photo a lot because it was honest and sincere. It captured a moment of me living an ordinary day in my ordinary life. There is no intentional posing or smiling for the camera – in fact, I looked unamused and even a little bit annoyed by the fact that someone was taking a photo of me. In the photo, I was eating melon bread, a delicious Japanese dessert that I can only get from Asian bakeries in New York City. It is such a minor detail yet it illustrates how life is like in the city; I have fast access to an amazingly diverse variety of food. In the background, the warm but yet slightly chilling yellow autumn sun was shining down on my hair. The window was dotted with trees with browning and yellowing leaves. It was a beautiful yet ordinary New York autumn day, and I was part of that beautiful day.

In class, we talked about why photographers capture seemingly ordinary or even mundane things on camera. Ordinary things are humble and yet carry so much beauty. In that photo of myself, I wasn’t even aware that I was a part of that beautiful day, but the photo helped me put that into perspective. It captured all the minor humble details and framed it into a beautiful picture.

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