My Digital Story

It took forever for me to decide based on what I should do my digital story.  First, I thought I should do it on how animals make me feel by giving examples of my dog- Tyson and my friend’s cat- Bowser. Unfortunately, the story was all over the place and there was no focus. I couldn’t convey clearly how they made me feel- happy, stress free or how they influenced me. I also had no idea how I should change it to make it better.

I decided to change my story and write how Tyson played a role in my learning experience. I want to show how Tyson was a mischievous dog and he disobeyed everyone in the family. It took several months to train him and this taught me that nothing comes easily, we need to work for it. Through this experience of training Tyson, whenever he disobeyed me, I felt disappointed. I realized how my parents must feel every time I did the same thing. This made me want to give my best at everything I did just to make my parents proud. I also want to show how Tyson taught me unconditional love by being there for me at all times.

I feel that I still haven’t stated clearly how he has influenced me. I still need to work on that part and the ending. I am also finding it hard to find an appropriate music for my story. Hopefully, I should be able to find one soon.

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