The Struggles of Choosing a Topic

My first draft was about my cat and her injury of jumping on the wood stove. This was a good story, but it did not really tell the reader anything about myself except for the fact that I love cats. I was thinking that maybe I could mention how much I enjoyed taking care of her and seeing her come back to life. I also found it hard to get pictures for this topic. Of course, I have a ton of pictures of just her, but what pictures would I use for the accident. So after Tuesday’s class talking about the presentation, I realized that this topic would be hard to talk about. I decided to change my topic completely.
I decided to use the topic of my assignment 2 essay. I talked about swimming and how it has influenced me throughout my life. Swimming taught me to be hard working and determined because in the end, you will get rewarded by seeing improvements in your events. I also have a lot of picture from swimming because my mom would go crazy taking all the pictures. I found myself spending hours on Facebook trying to find good swim pictures. I took pictures from high school swimming and from my club swim teams. The pictures of me swimming when I was little is harder to find because they aren’t online. I’m trying to get my mom to find the photo album of my first swimming lessons when I was three years old. I’m also asking her to send the video of me swimming 100 Breaststroke but she’s having a hard time finding that too. I hope she is able to find everything because I think the video would be a perfect addition to the digital story. I feel bad that I have to bother my mom to find everything, but I live in New Hampshire and going home for the weekend is just not ideal. My digital story focuses on one of my influential coaches. I only got to spend a year with him, but he made such a big difference. I talked about my last state meet and how much I improved.
Another thing I’m worried about is the music. I have no idea what to use. I want a sort of background music throughout it. I listen to country music and rap; both of which I don’t see fitting well. Also the copyright issue is a concern. I’ll just have to continue to listen to songs that may work.

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2 Responses to The Struggles of Choosing a Topic

  1. maknouk says:

    Oh wow, that is a good option for a song ^
    I am with you on the choosing topics! I finally was able to think things through and find a topic that I like but now I am struggling with putting it all together in the way that looks best. I think its hard because we have never done anything like this but I am excited because I know we will learn and make awesome slide shows now! I saw your video with the swimming and I love it! The end is really motivational and nice. I love the videos in it too! Great job on it! 🙂
    Marina Aknouk

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