The Digital Story: The Quest to Find A Voice

The digital story — for me — is perhaps the most challenging assignment that I have thus come across this entire semester, and it’s definitely taken its toll. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m complaining here, but it was definitely really difficult trying to find a topic to focus on and translating that story into something meaningful. I’ve actually had conversations with my roommate about my digital story and have asked her for some ideas on what to write, and I’ve realized that I simply don’t have any substantial past experiences to draw upon and write about. When my roommate suggested that I take a memory from my childhood and building upon that, my mind went blank. I don’t remember much from my childhood, and even the little snippets I do recall aren’t quite substantial to build a script on. I feel completely lost on how to approach this assignment, and I’m not quite sure whether or not my current topic on how food became a means for me to reach out and connect with the world is a good topic for the digital story. Currently, I feel like it lacks an emotional element to it, and there are also additional challenges with finding multimedia (pictures and videos, specifically) to enhance the story. Hopefully, however, all works well in the end.

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2 Responses to The Digital Story: The Quest to Find A Voice

  1. ktbmuether says:

    Hi Amanda, I peer-reviewed your digital story script/storyboard this week. I really enjoyed what you had so far and I think you gave yourself a lot of room to make it more personal. I liked where you were going with your “food adventures.” For many of us, what we eat can say a lot about us personally and culturally. We can also get a sense for a culture by trying different ethnic foods. I think the real place where you could make your script more personal is by talking about the different foods you have tried. Some questions you might ask yourself going forward could be: What foods did you like and why? What didn’t you like and why? What did you learn by trying that food? What interesting things did you see in search for that new type of food? (For example: If you went to try Italian food in Little Italy, What was the environment like? How was it different than what you’re used to?) Lastly, you could add your thoughts on how going on your “food adventures” has changed the way you view yourself and those around you – has this relieved your shyness? has it given you something to talk about with your peers?

    Hope this helps! Like I said, I really enjoyed what you had so far and look forward to hearing/seeing more!!

  2. klucenko says:

    Hi Amanda: Like Katie, I think your focus on food as a vehicle for exploring the world has promise. There are a few paths you can take: you can think broadly, and identify the many different cultures and foods you have experienced, or you can focus on a particular culture and describe what you have learned through “foodways.” Why and how does it coax you out of your shell? The intersection of food and culture is really interesting, and NYC is a global food mecca–you just have to think more deeply about the local experiences you have had and how and why they matter to you and have shaped you. This journal on food and culture ( might spark some ideas, and also this NPR blog ( Keep thinking and working! You can do this!

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