Story Board

After making the story board for my Visual project I think I’m in the crossroads of bringing my vision alive. My narration, though still needing revision, is one I can hear in my voice and visualize with the pictures. After reading the review from Professor Lucenko I saw the confusion that came out of my draft, as well as the main points that she interpreted as being the focus, and I decided those were the points I didn’t want viewers to focus on. I went back and changed the set up of my story, hopefully changing the message and clearing any confusion that went along with it for the most part. I wanted this story to be one that showed the circumstances of my life were very odd but it all led to my family being so close knit. Now that I’ve seen what images I need to include in the timeline I began to picture the exact photographs I’m going to go home and look for. We have millions of albums so if I can’t find one of the specific images I’m sure it will be easily replaced but I was shocked how quickly the specific picture for each frame came to me. I tried to even include details so I won’t forget what exactly I was picturing when I start looking through the archives.

Now I have to begin the process of putting together a serious representation of my visual project, music included. I am struggling with what exact song I want playing through the whole thing, and whether I want to keep it constant or change it as the mood changes. In my head I picture a song that embodies each emotion as it comes, but that would entail me composing something or somehow finding the perfectly timed piece, neither which are practical ideas for my story board. I also have decided to keep the transitions plain, I don’t want flashy introductions and exits, I think that will make my presentation feel like a power point, I want take advantage of having so many of my own photos to support this story and use as many as possible. I really like the digital story technique of speeding up photos so it shows content but even more a quick passing of time, or just emphasize the number of pictures, showing how important that event or person was to me. For example, when I talk about my mom being my best friend I have a million pictures of the two of us and I’m going to include a wide variety of goofy to serious images to portray how close we are. 

I am really anxious to tie all of my ideas into a final project where I can see the thoughts I have plus the images and story board I have began constructing come together. I am nervous to record my voice, and have to hold off, hopefully this virus is gone before I have to use a raspy narration, but I will put together a much fuller draft of this story board until I am ready to wrap up timing and put a voice behind the story. 

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