Progress of Digital Story

I am going to be very honest – I am currently struggling with the digital story. The problem is that, I can’t think of a story about me that I can tell. I have browsed everyone’s scripts and listened to everyone’s thoughts and ideas about the digital story, and it seems like everyone has a story that they are very eager to share with the world. I find that very amazing and impressive.

I’ve squeezed and rattled my brain juices trying to think of a story – I thought about my childhood, my home, other memories, etc, but nothing comes up. I don’t have a story to tell. There are fragments of memories and fleeting thoughts, but none of them have a particular theme; none of them blend together and paint a complete picture that is presentable. Unlike the stories that everyone has shared so far, my recollection of memories and thoughts don’t seem to have any conclusion, resolution, solution, ending, theme, topic, which are elements that are essential to a story. Right now my mind is like an indefinite mushy plop of primordial soup, waiting for some sort of defined and reasonable something to surface and take form.

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  1. amandaweng says:

    I’m definitely on a very similar boat, so I know how frustrated you may be feeling right now. I think it all comes down to being a little creative, especially when your memories and thoughts are so inter-dispersed like mine are. You could try picking on one random topic or memory and start freewriting and let your mind wander around until you have a grasp of what you can focus on in the script. I’ve read some of your old essays, though, and I think talking about your relationship with your father could be a potential topic you may want to talk about — if you’re up for it — since there’s such an emotional association with it. You don’t have to specifically focus on the relationship alone, but could also branch out to talk about how that changed your perspective towards relationships with other people, towards academics, etc.

    This assignment is definitely the most challenging one that I’ve come across and it’s really difficult since there’s no set road/path one can approach this assignment. It all comes down to being able to find something that means a lot to you and being creative with it.

    I hope all goes well, and I can’t wait to see the final product!

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