My Digital Story Process

I’ve had a difficult time with the script. In Tuesdays class I got really helpful advice, and it really jump-started my writing, but somehow in the middle, I lost myself again. I think I have too many ideas, or too many thoughts about how the script should be and I keep losing my focus. I have probably written and deleted my entire script a thousand times. I guess this is the hardest part for me, figuring out exactly what I want to say and what message I want it to carry without sounding like I’m writing a long elaborate essay.
I have been looking through all my pictures (I have backed them up a while ago and deleted everything on my computer, so for the past two days I’ve been freaking out that I lost all of them! That was devastating not only because I thought I lost all my memories, but because that would mean I have nothing for my DS! but thankfully, I found all of them today!) and I have noted which pictures I would like to use, but since I’m still struggling with my script, everything might still change.
In the next few days and through the weekend I intend to finish my script. It probably won’t be the final version, but I just still need to figure out my voice before I can really go any further. By the end of the weekend I hope I would be able to make a kind of “slideshow” with all my pictures. I’m going to arrange them in the order that I would like to present them in and put post-it notes on each one. On the post-it notes I will write the part of the script that would be said along with the picture, as well as sound effects etc.

If anyone has had the problems that I’ve been experiencing, and have figured it out, let me know if you have any suggestions!!

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