Digital Story Thus Far

Writing my digital story has been an uplifting and meaningful experience for me. It has allowed me to explore myself, my family, and my values in a tangible way. This is not something I am used to, and not a topic I speak more than 2-3 sentences to people I meet. To speak about my life and the lessons I’ve learned is to look back at it in hindsight. Now that I have grown, I can coherently express what I’ve learned. My topic is on my identity crisis: ethnically I come from a Thai mother and Pakistani father, yet nationally I am an American. There is a stark contrast between each of these three cultures, and to balance them all is a challenge I have been facing my entire life. Looking back at my life, I can see my parents in an entirely different light. I have a renewed sense of appreciation for them, and all of the struggles they have combated in order to give my brother and I the comfortable life we have today. This project has been an enlightening experience for me. To write something so personal, I need to scan the inner depths of my memories, while also reaching deep down inside my soul. To write the most accurate personal essay, I have to combine both memory and heart, and produce a piece of writing which is a reflection of me. I think that my essay rings true with who I am as a person, and I want to make a digital story that reflects it. So far in the process I’ve written the script, which explores a variety of themes ranging from culture, society, differences, and values. For my digital story I want to capture my life much like my old photo albums do. In my digital story I intend to take many pictures from my family’s photo albums (we have stacks of books filled with photos!) I also want to incorporate ethnic music when I speak of each of my cultures separately. At the end of the presentation I plan to use more current photos of family and friends jumbled together. The theme is that it does not matter what I am, but who I am.

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