Digital Story Struggles

I am glad we are discussing the struggles we are having with our digital story because I am having a lot of them. At first, I really wanted to talk about my church and I still do. However, as I was going through it, I was having trouble finding pictures that would work because I felt that it would be repetitive and boring. I wanted something more fun. I also found I kept struggling with ideas of music and what pictures would look best where. I am pretty upset about this because I really wanted this to be my topic so I worked really hard on the two rough drafts,but now I have a feeling I will not be using it. Its okay though because it was nice to write it out. I know it would come together better with time but I want to keep my mind open to different topics too because I feel like it could be a lot better and I want it to be. Now as I try to come up another topic, I am struggling as well. I was thinking of talking about my child hood because I wrote about it in my first draft and it was fun and funny, but I do not know how I could tie that into a bigger meaning or a moral to be learned or having a message behind it. I will continue to think about this as well. A third option ( I know I am REALLY struggling with this) is to talk about my experience going to Egypt and what I learned. The problem with this is pictures!!! I also got the feed back of talking about Saints but I think that would be very serious and I wanted it to be more uplifting and silly at the same time. I am going to think harder about this before next Tuesday to come to my decision but it is kind of tough.
Another thing that I am struggling with is the music. It is hard to pick the music. I think once I put the images and narration together on the actual movie maker it may be easier to see what I want. Hmm…

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2 Responses to Digital Story Struggles

  1. jlavalliere says:

    I was having trouble with my first topic too! I was having a hard time finding pictures and I felt like there was no sentimental value to my story. I really like your Egypt story! I think that would be so cool! Maybe you could get pictures online of the things you saw? Maybe you could even add in some of your first draft about church and how it is an Egyptian community!

  2. roshnisondhi says:

    I had to change my draft as well because my first one had no focus. I understand the frustration of discarding something that you worked hard for, as I had to do the same thing. You can still write about your childhood and how your family or culture has shaped you- made you the person you are right now. Maybe talk about an experience or two related with it.
    And if you really want to write about Egypt, you should even if you don’t have enough pictures or vidoes. I know, few digital stories we watched, few students used different mediums to make their digital story – I remember someone used a white board and a marker and didn’t use many pictures. You can do something like that.
    I think music is the hardest part as I am struggling with that as well. I will think about it after I am done making the narration and pictures. If the narration doesn’t sound great, then I will add music to make it better.
    Anyway, good luck with your story. You will figure something out. If you don’t have enough pictures for something, you can try using different mediums.

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