Digital Story, So far…

At first I found coming up with an idea for the digital story to be very difficult. I didn’t want to write about anything tragic or sad like I have in some of my other essays for the course. So I wanted to share something light, heartfelt and entertaining for my classmates to watch! So I decided to write about my boyfriend, of whom I’ve been together with for quite some time (since 13 years old). I thought this would be different and unlike the typical love stories/relationships people are used to seeing. When I wrote my first draft, it didn’t sound like something I would want to speak. It was kind of in an essay-like format, I didn’t really picture myself speaking it in a conversational way. So I revised it, and revised it and I’m still currently working on a revision. I’m going to focus more on a specific event – a vacation with my boyfriends family – that is able to show how much love, fun and appreciation I have towards my boyfriend and his family. I found plenty of visuals I’d like to include, and have it played out in my head how I want to incorporate these images in my story. I think I may struggle with the audio. It will be kind of hard to include audio without making a love story sound cheesy or lame… So I may find myself limiting the use of audio throughout my story. All in all, this is a work in progress! I hope to have a meaningful yet quirky final presentation when it’s all said and done!

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