Digital Story Progress

I never thought I’d had the problem of running out of things to write, but it’s happening. For this digital story script, I have really just taken 3 of my essays, turned them into extended paragraphs, and stuck and into and conclusion to them. I’m not dissatisfied with the end result as a stand alone script, but it could be more personal. I’m struggling to find that unique perspective. This struggle is tied into the fact that I don’t have pictures with me. They are all at home, and maybe flipping through albums or scrolling through pictures on the screen will ignite some new inspiration. I’m not worried about making the actual video. I have done tons of personal projects with narrations and movie making, but finding pictures will be tough. My family doesn’t take many photos, and for a lot of the memories that I talk about, there are very few photos that exist, and I’m not even sure I will be able to find them. I want to pick pictures that don’t have a back story. It is easy for me to want to pick a crazy picture where everyone is having fun, but to an outsider, the choice of that picture may not seem justified without an excuse. And I don’t want to have an extended story for each picture. I think once I look through the pictures I already have, I can kind of zero in on what I want to portray, and my essay will seem less fragmented and more personal.

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