Digital Story Process

I didn’t like the first draft of my digital story. After reading the peer review made on my DS, I liked the comment that Professor Lucenko gave me. I had to try and make a connection in the story between the two subjects I am talking about. Yesterday, I was working on revising my DS draft. I had to really think deeper into why I want to talk about and connect these two subjects badly. As I was lost in thought for a while, just staring at my laptop screen for a long time. Then it hit me! After digging deep, I finally found the connection between these two subjects. Finding this connection not only helped me in the DS draft, but it also helped find a piece to myself and why I connect these two subjects so often.

I have ideas for the pictures and I have all the props I need. I just have to start taking the pictures and I have to start recording my voice and find music to go with my DS story. I’m very nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve worked with Windows Movie Maker, and I’m nervous on how I’m going to record and edit my voice on audacity. The DS is in my head. It’s just a matter of putting it in video!

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