Digital Story Process

To be honest, this whole digital story thing seems to me like a glorified slideshow. It’s difficult because as a writer who is used to writing poetry and essays, writing a script is a completely different animal; especially a script with visual and audio elements to it. My husband is a filmmaker and he’s actually good at both writing and using different media to convey what’s in his script. He’s a naturally talented musician and wrote a beautiful piece for my digital story script on motherhood. I’m not sure if I’ll use it because I haven’t gotten the visual pieces down yet. I want to use it because it is really good! I’m sure I can play around with the timing of the music to fit just right with the pictures.

Which brings me to to my next dilemma—the pictures. When you have a kid, you try to capture every. single. moment. they’re alive and the end result is you’ve got a MASSIVE collection of photos in a closet, in an album, on the main computer, on the laptop, on your iPhone, or whatever other device you may have. To try to consolidate all of those or at least the ones I want to use means sorting through everything. I have always said over the years that I wanted to put all of the pictures over the years onto one hard drive, but I just didn’t think I’d have to do it so soon. I thought, “Hmm…maybe when she’s in college.” Not to mention the fact I have to scan all these pictures into the main computer; the one that has the programs I have to share with my husband (which is going to be annoying and frustrating at times) but I have to label them, color correct some of them, upload them to Final Cut Pro, figure out how to use Final Cut Pro, rehearse my voice over of my narration (which I can’t stand), all the while trying to keep this a “surprise” from Abby (my daughter). But now that I am forced to put this thing haphazardly within a little over a week, I’m gonna have to start tonight.

It’s gonna be a long night folks.

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