Digital Story – A Work in Progress

At this point, I have essentially finished-up my script and have gotten a good start on my storyboard. I went through boxes upon boxes of dusty old photographs the other day and scanned them into my computer. It was fun taking a trip down memory lane. I still have some more old photos to dig up, I know they exist, just have to find them. I am also on a hunt for a  90+ year old blueprint of my house, which has been very difficult (but again, I know it exists somewhere)… I hope I can find it, because I think it will give my presentation the historical feel I want it to have. All of the photos in my digital story have been taken by me or by a family member (except for one, which I found on Flickr under Creative Commons) so I luckily haven’t had to be too concerned with copyrights.

I’m getting closer to the point where I’ll have to actually start creating the video and this makes me nervous! I am particularly nervous about working with the audio features because I have never done something like that before. I’ve been looking through the “FreeSound” website to try and find the right background, ambient music but this has been pretty tricky thus far! Nothing seems to fit the right tone I am looking for and the ones that do are only 30 seconds long. I suppose I can loop it, but I’m not sure I am that tech savvy to pull that off. We’ll see!

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1 Response to Digital Story – A Work in Progress

  1. I’m having trouble with finding background music too! It’s hard incorporating in the audio without making the story sound cheesy, at least for my story! I feel like a lot of times the audio just sounds so removed from my story – so maybe it’s better off we just let our words/images speak for themselves! I really hope you can find a blueprint of your home, I think this would give your digital story a unique character, and plus it would just be really awesome to have!

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