Challenges with the Digital Story

So far I loved reading through people’s digital story scripts and looking at the images/songs they chose. Everyone has done such a great job with thinking about how they will sequence their photos, the transitions, and the emotional appeal they will employ through their images and music combined with audio.

One thing I am finding great difficulty with is finding the right images to go with my story, which is about spending time with family in Austria. I have some family photos that I would like to include in the story, but not many from our time in Austria. I will likely need to use images found on Flickr and other free image websites and I would just ask some family members for photos. In my revision of the script I have put a slightly different spin to the story from before and made it more about catching up with family in Austria after not having seen them in so long. However at the same time I want to talk about Austria itself and how it was both a family reunion and a vacation. I am having some difficulty with this transition from a somewhat more somber story about missing my family and being far from them to a more upbeat recount of my adventures in Vienna.

As for the music, I have a pretty good idea about what songs to use in the beginning because the video will start with images of the countryside. Because I refer to a line from a musical (Sound of Music), I will also play a clip from the titular song in my digital story. However I am not sure exactly what kind of music to include in the middle of the story and especially when I talk about my family. I am looking forward to reading suggestions from my peer reviewers. The sequencing between images will not be very complex because I am mostly going through family photos, although I am thinking about making them go by really fast toward the end to show how I have grown up and how my family has changed over the years. All in all, my main challenge right now is finding the right photos.

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