You Owe Me

I read reading from last week and the one that really stuck to me was Arnold’s piece, “You Owe Me.” Mia Arnold talks about working with children who have cancer; some of which pass away due to the disease. She talks about having close friendships with students; some she’s closer to due to the longer lifespan of others. She talks about how important and special she felt since some of these children spend their moments with her, even if the moments they have are rare. She also talks about a boy named Khalil who full of spirit and happiness, even in the condition he is in. I was heartbroken when I read about how he passed away. 

This reading made me sad however, it made me appreciate the life I have. While I worry about final exams and work, there are children and adults suffering from diseases like cancer. It made me also realize that some people with these cancers are so happy and appreciative of their life; meanwhile I would be in the middle of the library, worried about a paper due the next night. I’m not looking past the difficulties of school and work. I’m not living my life as if it were my last day. Some of the children Arnold mentions spend every day as if it were their last. Some people don’t know if they’ll live next week; school isn’t what’s on their mind. Wishing they were better to live their life is all what these people want. This was my favorite reading this semester.

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1 Response to You Owe Me

  1. roshnisondhi says:

    I had similar feelings and thoughts after reading the story. It was hard to hold back the tears as the story was really sad.
    Definitely, we are always complaining about minute problems in our lives- not able to hang out with friends or something like that. However, many people in the world are suffering from diseases like cancer and we do not realize how fortunate we are that we are not going through the same suffering. We often taken everything for granted and do not appreciate life as much. This story was an eye-opener as it makes you understand the importance of everything around you.

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