I have mixed feelings about taking autographs. I love taking photos of special occasions or moments with friends because I want to be able to remember that day and look back at it to laugh or smile. I want to capture these moments because they are so dear to me and I want to make sure I never forget that moment. You capture the moment because, during the hectic life you live, you forget how happy you can be when you escape the life of adulthood. You take pictures of friends and family during dinner because it’s a moment where you weren’t worried about school or work. You capture the moments of happiness.For example, my aunt captured a moment shared between my father and I during a surprise party. My father was hugging me and kissing my cheek and we were so happy. I’m happy my aunt captured that moment because it’s one of the rare moments my father and I had together.

However, why do should I be worried about capturing these moments for the sake of having something to spark those happy memories. If those memories were really so precious to me, I should enjoy every minute of it instead of fiddling with my camera or making sure there is the perfect amount of light. For example, I met one of my favorite artists Adam Lambert not too long ago. I wasn’t worried about taking a picture with him because I was so caught up in the moment of finally meeting one of my idols. I didn’t take a picture with him however, I know that is a memory I will always hold dear to me.

I have a love-hate relationship with photographs 🙂

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  1. elizabethparisi says:

    This was a very nice impromptu post and I enjoyed reading it. I really liked how you talked about how photos capture moments, especially when they are moments that don’t happen often or that will never happen again. It really touched my heart when you talked about your aunt taking a picture of you and your father. I think you’re right when you say that we do remember the important stuff, but I think that pictures are great too because sometimes our memory is not as vivid after a while. I feel this way about video too, and I am definitely wishing I had some video of my father where I could hear his voice for my digital story project. I will definitely never forget him, but the sound of someone’s voice of the details of their face are easy to forget.
    Great post!

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