You Owe Me

“You Owe Me” was my favorite story from this semester. This was so heartfelt and touching, I was tearing throughout almost all of it. It’s really crazy to me how people strong people can be while living to their death. What Arnold was talking about it the begininng was really inspiring. She was saying how right before these children die of the heartbreaking diseases, “the news of his cancer’s profression opened something inside of him so that he could clearly see into another world, another place he was on his way too.” That is an amazing connection to make and I completely agree with it. This helped the sick kids to have an overwelming happiness inside of them. She says they become almost holy. I completely agree with this.
A couple of years ago, when one of my uncles was living to his death with cancer, my family would constantly say how they say heaven inside of him. They saw a radiant happiness and peace inside of him, as if he became holy. I feel like this happens often with people who are passing away at a young age to help us learn. God makes them peaceful for us to be assured that they will be taken care of in another life. In my opinion, I would rather not learn this lesson than to see our loved ones suffer but it is something I often see with people who die at a younge age.
I don’t think I could ever be strong enough to work in this position. Even though it is life changing, it would be so hard. I really respect people who do this because of course they probably feel the same way, but instead of putting their needs in priority, they forget themselves and think of the kids who need more than we do.

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