My Favorite Personal Statement

I found two personal statements while searching online that I thought were great examples of a great personal statement. The first one is on this link :
This one was great because I was skimming through the internet, a lot of the personal statements would start with the same ordinary statement, but this essay caught my attention. The first line made me wonder how his love for mechanics could make him love dentisty, and then they even acknowledge that you will probably be confused about it. This added humor while making a great connection. When he further explained how mechanice related to dentistry, I thought to myself, wow what a great point. I also liked how his essay was concise yet very informative. I thought this was a great way to get your point across because the administrators are going to be reading so many essays, so you want to convey your message while making it interesting and concise.

The other personal statment I really enjoyed was on this website : under Sample Dental School Personal Statement (with Dean Scheirer’s comments).
This personal essay was also a really good example. I liked it because the opening line was different. It was not ordinary and caught my attention, which is highly needed as these administrators will be reading through so many essays. I also like how she ordered her events. She stated how she became interested, her motivation, her further rationale, and her experiences. This is a great order of events to describe her decision in dentistry.

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