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I enjoyed reading the second personal statement here (Essay#2). This person was accepted into the 2006 class of University of New Mexico’s dental school. I love how they started the essay with an engaging anecdote, a personal experience that they had when they were younger. The author bolsters the rest of the essay, however, with his/her hand on experiences with dentistry, such as working at a homeless shelter and seeing first-hand how neglect of oral hygiene is detrimental to one’s well-being. I like how s/he said that helping the homeless improve their oral health gave them confidence to look for work, and some even came back to tell the author of their new found success. I used a similar approach in my essay by using a personal anecdote (although mine is not introduction, but rather in the first paragraph). I did not talk about my professional experience with dentistry and instead talked about empathy and my philosophy toward the doctor-patient relationship. If in the next year before I apply to dental school I gain a similar, rewarding experience like that of the author, I may choose to include it in my essay and bolster the main idea of my essay.

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  1. I saw this essay too and found it as a great example of what we all want to address to admissions. A kind of philosophical and hands-on experience that really portrays our passion for dentistry. At first I found writing specifically about choosing a career in dental medicine in comparison to general medicine very difficult. But when you take a moment to sit, and really think about what it is that gets you so intrigued by this profession – it kind of flows naturally. I think that your personal statement, regarding empathy and the patient/doctor relationship is something that really shows why dentistry to admissions. Dentist’s relationships with their patients are much more personal, you see them regularly, often seeing family members and watching them grow. I think your approach was wonderful, and stands out from the typical clinical experience that applicants tend to go towards.

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