Good Personal Statement
I really like how this person started their essay. It was very descriptive and shows their personality of not being a quitter. I could relate to them as well because of swimming. When you are in a relay race, there is so much pressure on you to do well and go fast even though you feel like giving up. I just think about all the people I would disappoint if I didn’t try my best. I would also be disappointed in myself for not pushing though. I like how they said the reward is better if you put a lot of time and effort into getting it. It shows that they have motivation and that they are hard working. Even though they list a lot of things they have done like volunteer work, I feel like they gave a good description oh how these aspects impacted them into wanting to go into medicine. The part of them getting sick but still pushing through school and their training, again shows hard work and dedication which are important qualities for not only a medical student but also a doctor. The closing paragraph is really good too because it pulls everything together ending nicely.

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2 Responses to Good Personal Statement

  1. roshnisondhi says:

    I liked his personal statement as well. His example of volunteer work in Mexico City clearly states his personal reason why he wants to be a physician. When he mentioned about mono and his determination to become better faster showed a lot about his character. After reading his personal statement, I feel that he is a good candidate for med school.

  2. adharahaque says:

    I really like personal statement too! It explains himself as a person with his experiences. I like his unique story as to why he wants to be a doctor. Everyone is looking for a story that is different and sticks out and this would be one of those. I like how you related it to your life. Talking about experiences and how it changed him as a person is important and this personal statement does just that!

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