Medical Schools

I plan on applying to MD and DO medical schools. I want to go down south for medical school to experience that type of lifestyle. Vanderbilt is my reach school in Nashville, Tennessee. The personal statement for this school is why you should go there and why you want to be a doctor. Another school I want to go to is University of South Carolina. My brother is applying to grad school in South Carolina, so if I go there, I’ll be close to him. The personal statement is 100-175 words of why you want to pursue medicine at that university and why you are interested in your particular specialty which is dermatology for me. Both of these schools are MD schools. My dad is making me apply to University of New England as a back up school. UNE is a DO school so it is easier to get into. It’s in Maine so I’ll be close to home. The personal statement is no less than 250 words of why you want to practice medicine.

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2 Responses to Medical Schools

  1. breannanappi says:

    I think that it is really great that you want to be a doctor, dermatology especially. I think it is a very interesting specialty and it takes a lot to be a doctor at all. I am sure you have amazing reasons for wanted to practice medicine.I also think that it is so great that you want to go to the south. I think that would be a great experience. Having your brother there also would be amazing because you can have some family close by and you get that family support. The school in Maine does not sound too bad either but I feel like even though you would be “close” to home, it would still be difficult to go home all the time. I think no matter what school you get into, you’ll be great at it and I am sure you will be a great doctor. You just need to follow your dreams and do what is best for you. I hope you get into your first choice for grad school.
    Good Luck!!!!!!!

  2. roshnisondhi says:

    I am applying to University of South Carolina as well as I feel that they have a reasonable GPA and MCAT requirements. USC is a good option for you as your brother will be close by and you would need support as you will be hard course
    It is always great to have back up options, in your case it is DO schools. I should probably start researching on those schools as well.
    Anyway it is great to see that you have high aspirations. You are dedicated and hardworking and I am sure all your efforts will pay off. Like Briana mentioned above, just follow your dreams and do what is best for you. And, do not give up.
    Good Luck Julie !

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