Reading Her Resume

This week’s reading, “Resume” by Anne Sexton was my favorite reading of the year. It began in a way I was not expecting, an introduction with a little bit of humor stating all of her “relations” to the royalty, no matter how far it was, as if to use them as references to qualify her. It set an immediate tone I was able to follow, one maintained by brutal honesty which later I understood to be reflective of her lifestyle. Her second paragraph was in sharp contrast to her introduction. It immediately became a very personal window into her childhood. She did not by any means have a “normal” social behavior as a child and uses this to separate herself from the norm (whether in good or bad light). 

One of my favorite lines is when she boldly addresses the fantasy life she lived through fairy tales and her nonfictional life as a student. “… and see no point in mentioning places where my body sat at a desk and my soul was elsewhere”. Although many students have claimed to have never learned a thing from school (perhaps only to seem bitter and rebellious) I really loved her phrasing, that she was only physically in school and that’s why it left no lasting impact on her. 

My second favorite line was when she introduces the spontaneity of her lifestyle (and yet the familiar sense of regretful decisions by writer stereotypes). She admits that eloping at age 19 started to venture down the poetic road of a writer, but then she continues with her sense of humor, stating she is still married to one man which is much unlike most writers, poking fun at the “Artistic” way of fickleness. 

This piece ends full circle, admitting that after all this experience, she could still be the same girl trapped in her room wrapped up in her fantasy. She ends with a collection of random sentiments she has about poetry, which in itself, is poetry.

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