Yellow Brick Road



Almost all the pressures that Zinnser stated are pressures I experience on an everyday basis; I’m sure there would be a lot of students that would agree. I deal with economic pressure because I just graduated with an associate’s degree in applied sciences, so I’m paying off those loans. I’m in Stonybrook trying to get my bachelor’s degree AND I’m trying to move forward and go to school for veterinary medicine. I’m working at a job that doesn’t pay much so it’s pretty difficult to try and pay off loans along with other expenses. My parents are helping a lot but they can’t help pay for everything throughout my college career. I’m trying to finish my bachelors around a year so that’s another type of pressure I’m feeling.

            I’m going through parental pressure because I’m trying to live up to my parents expectations. They expect so much from me, especially since I get good grades. However, I don’t get good grades because I’m “naturally” smart; I get good grades because I literally study until I breathe my last breath. They expect nothing less than for me to go to veterinary school and become a veterinarian. They said that all they want is for me to be happy, but I know in the back of their minds they expect me to become a veterinarian.

            When it comes to self-induced pressure, I’m definitely my own worst critic. I judge myself so much and I make myself work hard so I can live to, not only what my parents expect from me, but from what I expect from myself. I make myself study hard and I push myself to the point of anxiety and stress. I do this to myself because I expect good grades, and I want to be a successful person.

            The advice he gives is that not every path a person takes is mapped out perfectly. There are going to be tough turns, obstacles, and maybe even shortcuts. I agree with his advice because, even though people want everything planned perfectly, we can’t tell our future; if we can, that would only make life easy. As we walk through the paths of our lives, we figure things out as we go along and there may be changes and maybe even hurdles along the way. We can’t expect the yellow-brick road to lead us to some wizard that will give us what we desire. We have to make our own paths and take everything life throws out at us.


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One Response to Yellow Brick Road

  1. roshnisondhi says:

    Definitely, college is stressful. I feel that every college student faces at least one pressure stated by Zinsser. I feel that I face the pressures mentioned in some way or the other. There is a lot of pressure to pay off the loans, live up to the expectations of your parents and lastly not to disappoint yourself. Sometimes it becomes harder due to other issues like social or personal problems. It is sad that many students commit suicide because they cannot handle the stress. Emory University has a program- Emory for Care and they calculated the statistics of number of students who attempt or/and commit suicide:
    I think that there should be programs and counseling services in all campuses to help students to deal with their stress. Also, make the students aware that such programs and services exist so that they can go there for help.
    Otherwise, I also agree with Zinsser’s advice that the path is not mapped perfectly. There will be ups and downs and there will be times when you just want to give up. I really liked how you compared this situation to the yellow brick road. It is true that there will be obstacles but we need to learn to overcome it.

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