Week 8 – College struggles

There are so many things that college students struggle with. A lot of it has to do with the pressure that were talked about in the essay. My sister is a great example of all the pressures that we face as young adults in general. I personally love school and I want to go to school to do something that I love and I value education and I know in order to do what I love, I need to go to school. My sister on the other hand does not care about school at all. She hated high school and she hates college. So then why is she going to college? Well there are a few reasons. First of all society expects people to go to college now or learn a trade. If you just finish high school then you aren’t going to get anywhere in your life and so society pressure her to go to school even though she hates it. 

My dad says she needs to go to school because they need money. She needs to be able to get a job or a career so that she can one day support herself. My dad is always telling her that she needs to marry a rich man because she will never be able to make it because she doesn’t like school and she doesn’t like to do anything with her life so in order to survive, she needs money. This also pressures her to go to school even though she hates it.

I pressured her in a way also. I am older than her and I always got good grades and I was accepted into every college that I applied for. I am able to go to such an amazing university and I am always working hard to do my school work. This pressures her to go to school because I am going to school and if she doesn’t then she will be a “disappointment”.

Even her friends pressure her to go to school. In high school everyone has to be there and all of her friends have chosen to go to college. A community college, a state university or a private college. What ever it is, they decided that they needed to go to college. And how would it look if she were the only one who didn’t continue her education and didn’t have a job? She would be the one who just stays home and does nothing. She would be the one who has to marry a rich husband or the one who has to move in with her sister who went to college. 

She hates school and she hates college but she is pressured by everything and everyone to go to college and make something of herself even if she doesn’t like it. Even those of us who like school and want to do something with our lives are pressured. We know exactly what we want and what we have to do to get it so we are not pressure so much by others but mostly by ourselves. We all put too much pressure on ourselves to do things and then when they don’t go our way we put even more pressure on ourselves and we put ourselves down. None of this is good for us but honestly, there is no way around pressure. It will always be there and we will never be able to get away from it.

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