Week 7 – Strangers

When I started reading Strangers by Morrison I thought it was going to be a boring story about some guy who met an old lady. I thought the story was going to say that the guy was having a hard time in his life and this old lady gave him advice and helped him trough his rough time with her experience and saved his life… Blah blah blah. I was extremely surprised as I kept reading. 

It seemed like they had a very nice conversation and I thought all that usual boring stuff was going to happen. Then she disappeared and he went through the usual thinking. He thought that something might have happened to her which is completely understandable because she said she would be there everyday and that they would meet again soon. When she didn’t show up for a while he asked his neighbor where she went and the neighbor didn’t know anything about this old woman. So what happened to her? Was she lying and taking advantage? Who knows. I was really surprised that the neighbor knew nothing. The woman said she had permission from the neighbor to be there and the neighbor had no idea what he was talking about. I expected to read that the neighbor knew the women and that she was really sick. Then I thought the man would go see her on her death bed and there would be some sincere moment between them before she would pass away. That is not what happened.

Instead of all the things we see in movie all the time, this story was a complete mystery. I have no idea where the lady went and where she came from. I’m not even sure that she is actually a real person. Maybe this was in the mans imagination. Maybe the bigger picture is that the man was sick and in a coma or even just sleeping and this is what he dreamed of. Maybe it is from some unresolved issues with his mother who was there one day and said she would be back and then disappeared for good. There are just so many options here and the author just leaves us hanging with our own imagination. We get to create the ending or just think about all the different possibilities. 

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