Week 5

I cannot believe that I didn’t post from week 5 yet. That has been one of my favorite stories so far. The essay I like the best was Nancy Mairs essay on being a cripple. This essay was really tough and touching at the same time. She talks about being a cripple like it is something that she doesn’t care about. Well, not really. Maybe it  seems more like she is bitter and mad about it and she hates the fact that she is a cripple. I think that is what she is feeling. At the same time she talks about it like it is no big deal and that she is fine with the way she is. I do believe that she is both. I think she is really upset at the fact that she is not like everyone else and she cannot do what everyone else can do. At the same time she is fine with the way she is. She even says that if there were a cure she would take it but she doesn’t need a cure. 

To me, that means she has accepted the way she is and she is not bitter about it and she does not blame anyone else for her problems and she accepts her limits. She seems to be okay with it but at some points in the essay I felt her tone was a little bitter and angry. I think that perhaps she is stuck in the middle. She seems angry and she has accepted her disabilities (she hates using that word because she isn’t disabled or handicapped) at the same time. 

She also speaks of how she would never call another person a cripple. She does understand that it is very uncommon to have her kind of thinking. She knows that people do not really think the way she does and so she will never call anyone else a cripple because America does not like to use that work. She thinks that some people take it too hard so she can call herself a cripple but no one else.

I do understand what she means there. People take offense to the word cripple because it sounds mean and harsh. Mairs takes offense to the words disabled and handicapped. Other people use those words because they feel that they hurt less but I believe those people have not gotten to the level of acceptance that Mairs has gotten to. 

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