I enjoyed the reading Digging by Andre Dubus from last week. I found the description of him and his fathers relationship to be enjoyable to read about, mostly because I felt like it was a very different relationship than the relationship I have with my father. For example, on page 73, he talks about how he is painfully shy with his father. I found this interesting because I find in my life the one person I never feel shy with is my father. I find it so easy for me to continue talking on and on with my father. Also throughout the reading, I felt like he was scared to stand up to his father. He even says, “When I was a boy I could not tell a man what I felt, if I believed what I felt was unmanly.” ( Page 77) There were many times when he had things to say but he kept it to himself.
For example, on page 78, his dad was him chose a pith helmet. Even though he had absolutely no desire to wear the helemet, he kept silent. He did not say anything. If this was me, my dad would never hear the end of it about the helemet.
Another example was the simple fact that he did not want to work. His father wanted him to work with him at his civil engineering job, and his son didn’t have the courage to to talk to him about it and say I don’t want to do it. I find this to be very different than my relationship with my father as well. For me, it is easiet to be honest with my father, no matter what his response is. For example, my dad is a dentist and has always pushed me to come to work with him in his office. I had no problem defending what I thought in telling him it wasn’t what I wanted to do. Even though my dad didn’t stop pushing for it, I didn’t mind the back and forth discussion on it. And in the end, my dad won and I went to work with him. Kind of like in the story, throughout working with my dad I did not find an interest in going to work with him at first. After a while forever, I couldnt help but thank my dad for pushing me to come to work with him because I found a new love and interest in dentistry and I ended up being so excitied to go back everyday. This is kind of what happened in the story. Throughout the whole story, he seemed reluctant and unammused by the job, but at the end he could not help but thank his dad for the push that he got. His dad pushed him and in the end he realized why.
I find this to happen often in society. Us kids tend to be short minded while our parents tend to be looking into the future and thinking about what is best for us. As Ive grown older, Ive bee realizing more and more how much my parents are not looking at the present moment when they decide what is best for me, and I couldn’t thank them more for doing that. It is kind of like when a young child is asking to go outside to play on the play ground. Sometimes, our parents will say no because they are not thinking of the fun the child will have on the play ground but the long run of the safety of the child. Just like the boy in this story, sometimes it is hard to see what our parents are seeing, but I have been finding as we all grow older, these intentions of our parents are becoming more and more clear.
The last thing I wanted to write about this reading was I enjoyed the perspective of it. I felt that as I was reading, it was like we were going through the eyes of the writer. It seemed as if we had an inside scoope on hsi thoughts and I found that was an interesting type of writing.

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